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  CE Compliance Testing and Certification Services

Agile Test Group offers a variety of services to assist electronics designers, manufacturers
and importers in their CE compliance needs. Typically, this includes Compliance to
Emissions, Immunity and Product Safety Directives. Agile Test Group can assist with all
three areas of your certification needs.

Our Services are tailored to your stage in the design cycle. From Concept to Sustaining
production, our services will assist you with your requirements:

CE Mark Test

Compliance Consulting
Intended for Electronics Designers or Manufacturers in the Concept stage or having
completed early designs. We offer:

• In-depth analysis of your product in relation to the CE Standards and Directives
• All appropriate rule parts identified
• All limits and restrictions that apply to your product are documented
• Summaries of the standards are provided.
• You get a complete package identifying all hurdles to CE Mark compliance

Certification Planning
Due to the complexity of the CE standards and directives, many companies require a
complete plan to be put in place to ensure that their products are ready for the EU
market. To support this need, we offer:

• Compliance Consulting, as defined above.
• A complete project plan for CE Compliance testing and evaluation
• All relevant testing and evaluation needs identified.
• Detailed time lines completed.
• Estimated cost associated with CE compliance

This service is designed for Electronics Designers or Manufacturers in the prototype
stage of their project, or exporters considering whether or not to introduce a product in
the European Union. We offer:

• Pre-Testing to appropriate rules and standards
• Test reports identifying limits and results
• Failure analysis and consulting
• Ensures your prototype or import will meet necessary CE Standards and directives
• Low cost way of verifying the sample!

CE Mark Certification
This service is designed for equipment ready to be introduced into the European Union
Market. This service includes:

• Testing to all appropriate standards
• Comprehensive Test reports
• Interface with regulatory agencies by an experienced intermediary
• Assistance with all labeling and documentation requirements

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